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Is Gary Joyner NARScandal.com?

You got to hand it to Vendor Alley readers they always get their man!

Is Gary Joyner the dumbass whack-job conspiracy freak knucklehead is part of NARScandal.com?  We think so.  It looks like Gary’s sub par tech skills may have outed himself.  Vendor Alley reader Brian Bell easily cracked his site by cleverly letting the site time out to reveal his identity. (click on image below)

Right there for all the world to see gary@idxstudios.com.  Now we know why the site’s favicon is a “G”.

Lets hope he does a better job locking down sites for his customers!  And speaking of his “customers”.  Gary has quite a client list on his site http://www.idxstudios.com/clients.php Seems like Gary likes to stretch the truth a bit himself, might this be a new “scandal” he and his “staff of writers” at NARScandal.com can write about?  His “client list” includes: HGTV, Century21, AOL, The Wall Street Journal, Lehman Brothers, and the NYSE.

The NYSE?  REEEEALLY Gary?  The Wall Street Journal?  REEEEEEEEALLY Gary?  What did you do?  Take a picture of their lobby?

One word Gary, BULLSHIT!

If you are an MLS Provider I would strongly suggest you check your IDX agreements for Gary’s companies, idxmedia.com, idxstudios.com and indigo sun studios (isun.net). Not sure why Gary has so many names for companies that essentially provide the same service, but it sounds like a HUGE red flag.

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  2. If this were me, I would see to it that the server would spit out an email to an unsuspecting purp. So either narscandal.com was smart enough to do so and picked Gary as its fall guy, or Gary got owned.

    I’m leaning towards Gary being owned, why would you attack NAR(a bold feat) and host it in the states? I’d have this hosted on some third world country host, just sayin :p


  3. Eh, I kinda think you’re shooting off your mouth half-cocked here. Joyner’s companies provide photgraphy and web-design services. While it’s entirely possible that he does own and write for the NARScandal site, it also seems entirely possible that he merely designed and maintains the site, and doesn’t have anything to do with its content. After all, if I was paying somebody to design a site for me (because I don’t know how to do that myself) then I’d probably want any email about funny error messages to go to them, not me, as I’d be pretty unlikely to know how to fix them.

    In re his client list….his name pops up in a list of thank yous to photpgraphers and designers on the Anchor Brewing site, at least. (http://www.anchorbrewing.com/about_us/sitecredits.htm) So that’s one logo that seems to match.

    Can’t find much else on the guy….but anecdotally, the writing on NARScandal has an awkwardness to it that makes it seem like it’s being written by someone whose first language wasn’t English. The text on Joyner’s site doesn’t read that way to me, but it’s scanty and pretty marketing-jargony, so maybe that doesn’t mean much…still, if it was one guy you’d expect the same tone. Without further proof that Joyner is the NARScandal blogger, suggesting that MLS people stop using his site is pretty inflamatory. I mean, libel’s a tough case to prove, but….

  4. #C
    I would be happy to talk with Gary about the accuracy of this story. But somehow I don’t think I ever will.

    vendor.alley at gmail dot com


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