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calREDD continues to suck.

Matt Carter (As I’ve stated in the past, is doing some excellent reporting in the MLS world) posted another article on troubles plaguing calREDD, the California Association of REALTORS statewide MLS effort.

The article is called ” Another rocky launch for ‘California MLS‘ ” and focuses on some of the frustrations of Lake Country Association of REALTORS, which represents about 400 members and is  calREDD’s latest victim customer.  Some of this frustration has also been posted on Vendor Alley.

Here’s the money quote from the article:

“As of right now, we cannot see any other listings (of other Realtor associations) which are running calREDD,” said Lake County member Jean King, a Realtor with David R. Hughes & Associates. “We should have been told that it would not be available” at launch, she added.

Kucirek said that while calREDD made it clear to participating Realtor associations that they would not have immediate access to listings systemwide, not all of their members may have gotten that message.

King said that while she believes Realtors in general support a statewide MLS, she is frustrated with calREDD.

“They have not addressed our concerns in a timely fashion and (the calREDD system) certainly does not meet my needs,” King said. “I personally would like to see us go back to Paragon at least for the time being. What we have been given is a bare-bones program that cannot even accurately report days on market.”

So let me get this straight, the big value proposition is that calREDD will be a state-wide MLS system.  But the system is designed so that each installation of a calREDD MLS system can’t search upon each others listing inventory????


And just for the record, the reason why people think they should be able to see listings from other calREDD MLS systems is because you call yourself A STATE-WIDE MLS SYSTEM!!

You just can’t make this shit up.

Somebody should pull the plug on this now before it costs C.A.R. members any more money.

  1. **SIGH** I just don’t know what to say anymore about this, other than what a mess!

    One of the Lake County members goes on further to complain about how days on market is calculated. Good luck getting that changed since it’s no longer a local area rule, but one mandated by the calREDD rules which are controlled by the calREDD board of directors. How in the world do you get consensus on an issue like that across the entire state?

    Just attend any CAR MLS Committee meeting, and you’ll get a taste of what the process will be like — try getting a committee with over 100 members to agree on what constitutes the definition of a business day to determine how many days are required for a listing to be entered after a listing agreement is signed. Sheez!

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  3. Mr. Concerned permalink
    One week ago I got the president of the Lake County Association of Realtors, Anita McKee of Lakeview Properties, on the telephone and asked her about the report that 58% of realtors in Lake County were unhappy with the calREDD system!

    She assured me that all was good, that it was really just a couple of folks, SusieQ for one, who were stirring things up and that in fact the system was working very well, most everybody loved it, and that soon the last 1 or 2 issues with Concentric will be fixed.

    What are we to believe???

    I do remember similar messages coming from the Fresno board in early April last year . . . . .

  4. If you want to know who to believe read Matt Carter’s article. Add to this a few facts like there were approx. 30 members present at our May 11th BOD meeting, I was not there by myself! I also had a bundle of emails in my hands from numerous other Realtors/Brokers/Appraisers who couldn’t make it! One member from CAR got up and apologized to everyone – something our BOD has not been unable to do. However they continue to steam roll ahead with a product most members cannot function with and most members do not want with their fingers in their ears. At our 3/11 BOD meeting one broker from the largest Lake County real estate office warned the BOD to be careful, he told them that brokers would talk with their feet because fortunatley for us we do have the BAREIS MLS system used by surrounding counties as was outlined by Matt Carter. Beware if your association is considering Calredd, try it for 3 or 4 months before commiting to it and run your existing system along side it. Maybe one day they will get it right, but it is not there yet. If Calredd keeps pushing it down our throats they will burn bridges. It should be taken off the shelf until it is ready to launched instead of expecting members to try and run their businesses on it and then expecting you to pay for it! Something is very wrong with this picture, just ask yourself what kind of people would try and do this to small country associations and small businesses and why?

  5. Susie Q has got it totally wrong for blaming calREDD for ruining her business. What business? The problem is that she has not sold anything yet this year. Perhaps she is focusing too much on blaming outside things for her inability to work in this market. We are all on the same level playing field in Lake County, we all have the same tools to work with. Some of are able to focus on the real issue at hand, selling real estate and not point fingers at external things that cause our problems.
    Did calREDD have some problems? Of course, it is a new system that is having growing pains. Did the agents in Lake County bear the brunt of trying to adapt with a system that was less than what they were used to? Yes again. Did it hog tie them so they couldn’t do their business? Absolutely not! There are many who thrived during this time. Were they inconvenienced? Probably but they didn’t let it control their lives.
    calREDD is now a fully functional MLS with a state of the art CMA program and is able to do what Paragon was and even more. Why should we abandon a program that was custom made (in many respects) for Lake County?
    Susie Q, get over it and get used to it. calREDD is here to stay.

  6. I don’t hear from anybody I work with that they are happy except the people who have helped bring this disaster to us and and cannot get beyond their egos to admit they make a mistake. Hence, smoke and mirrors to make it look like agents are happy.The party line is, 1. We have been transparent from the beginning. 2. Agents love it and those that don’t are bad agents or in the minority. 3. It is Lake Countys fault for asking for so many modifications. 4. Just shut up an d use it. Thank you Sunshine for pointing out that no we have not been hog tied, but instead mired in quicksand up to our knees, making the process of using the MLS tedious and laborious. Bottom line, they still have not upgraded the system to a point where it should be released. Why are we paying to be guinea pigs? I am still doing deals, but I lose at least a half hour to one hour a day using the MLS compared to when I used Paragon. No, it did not ruin my business, but I would rather spend that time with my wife and family. With the wealth of technology in the world why are we going through a downgrade?

  7. Who are you sunshine and why are you so angry at me?
    Your comment is too personal to be about Calredd alone.

  8. What most people forget (don’t know) is that ALL MLS systems are custom “fitted” to each account, to some degree. They used the excuse for customization for the launch delay…now they’re using it as the excuse for the dissatisfaction among the “minority” (aka 58%ers).

  9. Thanks Tired of Calredd. Yes, I am tired of the smoke and mirrors coming from the BOD and people like Sunshine are voicing the same antics you just listed wishing we didn’t exist, yes us the membership…they don’t want us to have an opinion – they just want us to shut up.
    Anyone who knows anything about software or computers knows Calredd is NOT state of the art, but our BOD has had their fingers in their ears for the past 12 months. Maybe one day it will be but considering Calredd is an extension of CAR they should be a lot more professional in the delivery of their data base system in other words – it shouldn’t be half baked.
    Sunshine: As far as equal playing fields (how about telling us your name, that would make it equal?), flourishing markets (in the deep of winter….hmmmm) and number of sales (are you trying to compete with me?) you seem niave Sunshine – the MLS is not an oracle and I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Calredd – so, try keeping it professional.

  10. Just checking back on some of the trash talk.

    Have to say, I’m lovin’ CalREDD. Works like a dream for me. Incredible CMA program, fast pix uploading 20 or 30 at a time in minutes, and many, many other features that I like. Especially too the auto prospecting with map.

    So SuzeeQ, you are challenging Sunshine to identify him/herself and name calling as well, but you choose to throw rocks and yet remain anonymous. Very brave of you and typically hypocritical and I quote “very unprofessional of you”.

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