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NARScandal.com: Connecting the dots…

Questions have been risen about the claim that Gary Cedar-Joyner and/or William Cedar are part of NARScandal.com.  So far posts on NARScandal.com rebuke such claims.  Here are the facts:

On the State of California’s business incorporation website we can clearly see that IDXMedia.com and IDXStudios.com share the same agent address.  [You can click on any image to see a larger view.]

Recently IDXStudios.com updated their About Us page:

Mr. William Cedar appears to, by all accounts, have an impressive background.  The question is why/if William Cedar is involved with NARScandal.com and to what level.

So, let’s take a look at another registration, from William Cedar.  Looks like he has registered another URL:  http://www.theotherguys.com.

When you go to www.theotherguys.com it looks very similar (same WordPress Theme) to NARScandal.com

If you do the same trick that discovered Gary on NARScandal.com you come up with the same gary@idxstudios.com e-mail address on www.theotherguys.com.

WHOIS reports that the domain “theotherguys.com” is registered to “Imagine Publishing”.  So William Cedar owns or is a part of “Imagine Publishing.”  Also, notice that theotherguys.com and NARScandal.com are both registered with DOTSTER and use Pagely.

Imagine Publishing as we know is listed in the About Us on NARScandal.com. Interestingly we now know the website url for Imagine Publishing.  http://www.Imaginepublishinginc.com

So it’s pretty clear that there is a connection of Gary Cedar-Joyner and William Cedar and idxstudios.com and NARScandal.com

You can also see another connection between Gary and William further demonstrated on http://www.mylife.com/c-405689845

For Gary or William Cedar to deny any involvement with NARScandal.com simply does not match the facts.  They have been outed.  And that is all I have to say….

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