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Marketlinx Tempo MLS system now works with all browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Engineers at Marketlinx were stunned to learn that people used other browsers than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  They were also flabbergasted to discover the popularity of Macs.

“They don’t let us out much” stated a Marketlinx developer who asked not to be identified.   The fix took a matter of “seconds” according to another engineer, (also who refused to be identified)  “Honestly, I thought Apple went out of business” he added later.

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  2. Greg – Enjoy your website more this day of the year than any other, thanks for all the laughs. Had bagels with a random Realtor today and asked him if he had heard of CloudCMA. His response “Yeah, really cool stuff those guys are doing”. Out of the blue! You are at the top of your marketing game!

    Mark Scheel

  3. I guess this was an April Fool’s joke (and a cruel one!)

    When I read your headline, I immediately tried to logon to Tempo in my Firefox browser – but it bombed!

    I really hate IE, but am still stuck with it because of Tempo!

  4. Hilarious post. Lemme guess, the fix that took seconds was a button that redirects agent to a citrix powered remote control session utilizing IE 6 and activeX controls (gotta have that grid support!)…

    As you know, FlexMLS has had native support on Mac for years. The only true mac support I’ve seen out there other than the Calredd supplier (i leave them nameless to protect the not-so-innocent but nice guys). Ok, Ok SEI too but not as slick as FlexMLS.

    IMHO, the mls vendors out there really don’t “get” MAC support. They think screen presentation “on” a mac is a job well done. Yes, it needs to be operable on Safari/Firefox mac but most mls applications out there need to be completely redesigned to be more Mac/Web 2.0 “like”. Big buttons, revealed (not presented) functionality, and true intuitiveness. Mac support good…Mac “like” great.

  5. I’m sure this will be picked up by the search engines and some Realtors will not understand this was an April Fool’s joke.

    Here’s what I understand:

    Neither Marketlinx or Rapattoni currently supports anything other than Internet Explorer. But future versions of their products will. I don’t know of any official launch date.

    LPS’s Paragon customers are now being upgraded to Paragon 5 which will be compatible with most popular browsers.

    FBS and Tarasoft do work with most popular browsers.

    I wrote a little about the way vendors handle multiple browsers on a post about the iPad which you can read here:


  6. Rapattoni’s latest release of its MLS software is now completely Firefox and Mac compatible. All of Rapattoni’s customers will have cross browser capabilities by April 21, 2010. Many of them have it now.


  7. Hahah! Good one.

    Actually, Rapattoni MLS now has 95% of the software features compatible with Firefox and the Mac.

    By the end of April it will be 100% compatible in Firefox!

    By the end of May, it will be 100% compatible in Safari!

    This was a huge investment and very time consuming, but also very important for our company this year.

    Have a great week Greg!

  8. Wynonna T Buford Juggs

    Whatever one of these vendors says, add 36 months to it and you can get a date for beta launch.

    Awesome they joined in on the April Fools fun….

    Perhaps Firefox is on schedule like their mobile device app was in November last year.

    Wait… nevermind.. the industry is still waiting on that one…

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