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SoCalMLS the aftermath, a two part series.

Peeling the skin off Orange County’s MLS situation.  –

Russ Bergeron

When I first heard that Russ Bergeron was leaving SoCalMLS and taking the job at MRED I didn’t believe it.  When it was confirmed my first thought was about Bud Fogel and how shabbily he had been treated by the MRED board and to how Brad Tertell and the rest of the MRED staff would react to the news.

In this two part post I’ll go over my take on the players and the moves they might make on the vacuum that was created by Russ Begeron’s departure as head of SoCalMLS.  So lets get it on!

Part I – The Players

Russ Bergeron
I can only guess his motivations but my best guess was he decision was two fold.

1.  He was looking for a new challenge.
2.  He was tired of the association politics in California.

I can certainly understand the need for taking on a new challenge, but I fear he is walking in to a situation where association politics is a blood sport.  I can almost hear Sean Connery in “The Untouchables” say…. “He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way!”

Needless to say, I wish him well.  And on a side note, Southern  California will not be left without another Bergeron in the real estate technology game, his daughter Wallis is a product specialist/trainer with LPS in Irvine.  The torch passes….   : )

Art Carter, Nancy Glimore and Phil Hawkins.

From all accounts Art Carter has risen to the challenge of operating and even thriving at MRMLS.

Art Carter

It’s hard to remember what a mess MRMLS was when Art took over.  They had a history of messy conversions, questionable technology, lawsuits and poor management.  Since Art has taken over he has not only righted the ship but taken on leadership with new initiatives like CARETS initiative which has been a huge success.

Nancy Gilmore

Where did Art come from?  The answer is closer than you think.  Art was on the executive team at the Pacific West Association of REALTORS.  Or PWR as it is known locally.  PWR is the largest association in the state of California and is run ably by Nancy Gilmore.  I’ve always liked Nancy.  She’s never one to mince words and has no problem telling me when she thinks, whether you like it or not.  I like that quality in a person.  She’s honest and fair and runs a great association.  And she certainly has an eye for talent, her second in command is another stellar individual by the name of Phil Hawkins.

Phil Hawkins

Phil is a super nice guy and well respected by everyone at PWR.

Bob Bemis

Bob Bemis

Bob Bemis

Bob Bemis is the CEO of ARMLS. He comes by way of MRIS.  Some of you might not know but MRIS is behind the technology at CARETS.  Bob is one that has been given some very high marks for taking over a rather large MLS in a very difficult market and has won the respect of his staff and peers.  And from a Vendor’s stand point I can tell you that the vibe of ARMLS is completely different (for the better) than is was before.  I mention Bob because I think  that anyone with experience with CARETS, or in this case, the technology behind CARETS could be a potential player in Southern California.

calREDD, C.A.R.’s initiative for a statewide MLS has a role in this game, but it’s probably not what you would think.

Bud Fogel

Bud Fogel
I’m not going to count Bud out.  I believe there to be an option here where Bud may find his way rise again.

But I’ll leave that for Part II.  Now that we know the players I’ll go over what I think the moves they may make (or should make) in the coming weeks/months.

  1. Greg: Guess I’m going to have to be nicer to you. Thanks for your comments. It certainly will be a different landscape with Russ leaving the area. I too wish him well. There are lots of possibilities for us ALL to explore for the future.

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