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Is C.A.R abandoning its California statewide MLS effort?

All signs point to YES.

Inman News reports that calREDD and MRMLS are starting merger talksC.A.R. press release states they have licensed the technology and software from their, former single, MLS vendor, Concentric Software.

This story is far from over.  But if you read between the lines it seems pretty obvious that C.A.R. has had a major shift in strategy and wants out of creating and running a statewide MLS.

More details coming soon…

  1. I read the C.A.R. press release- Where does that leave Concentric?? Is there still a Concentric?? If calREDD has taken over software development have they also taken over the Concentric people? Greg, answers please!

  2. @Mr Concerned — that’s because it’s a link to the cached PR on Inman’s site. The PR does seem to exist on the CAR website anymore.

  3. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz except – you are in the middle of central California and a dust strom appears and wisks you, the MLS and toto ( which is really a chihuahua ) to a land of signing and dancing committee members. They tell you to follow the REDD brick road. You have the ruby slippers, but the bad witch wants them, she says she is the only one that knows how to use their power properly. You meet some other characters that don’t have a brain, a heart or courage who join you. Finally you meet the wizard – which isn’t a wizard at all, just a little man behind a green curtain. He gives you a balloon, but the balloon flys away ( in this case implodes). All you want to do is go back home, swearing to never run away again. Thank God for ruby slippers. THE END
    Greg I’m sure you can put this to film!!!!!

  4. um…does this mean we get our $3m bucks back? I’m ready for a break from all this arm twisting, smoke-filled back rooms, darting looks, and varying mantras, by glazed over hypnotized directors…(first it’s “statewide”… then it’s “the technology”…blech!) I’m sooo done!

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