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NAR Midyear 2010 – I’m Going Commando!

I’m registered as an attendee at this year NAR Midyear but was unable to secure a room big enough to hold meetings.  This is due to a  NAR points system.  The system favors vendors who have spent more money with NAR with first dibs on premium rooms and hospitality suites.  I loved the system when I was one of those vendors who spent big money with NAR, now….not so much.

No matter.  I’m gong to be rocking NAR Midyear commando style!  Which means I’m going to basically carve me out a space in whatever lobby bar I can find to hold meetings (which is where I did most of my business anyway!).  I’ve also loaded my iPad with my slide decks and have some example Cloud CMA reports.  So this will be an experiment whether just having an iPad on the road will be sufficient.  I think it will, but I don’t want to take any chances so I’m also bringing my MBP.    I’m also doing a 30 day trial of Verizon’s MiFi, so anywhere I’ll go I’ll be able to get on to the net (important for a web based software company).

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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