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calREDD is dead. CALMLS emerges.

No use crying over spilt milk.

We’ve been getting a lot of good comments, tons of traffic, and I’ve been also receiving a few e-mails too.  More and more information is coming out.

If you are interested check out: New CALMLS Business Proposal, the CALMLS Merger FAQ, and this handy dandy comparison NEW CALMLS Vs. OLD check list: CALMLS and MRMLS Joint Initiative Proposed.

It’s still not clear whether or not the C.A.R. board of directors has approved the “merger” and the $750,000 extension is cash (calREDD had already blown through 2.5M of the 3M they originally asked for) but I think we can assume it will be approved, nobody will lose their job (calREDD, as predicted threw their MLS Vendor under the bus) and new CALMLS is ready to roll.

So taking a fresh perspective what do we have here.  As I’ve mentioned before Art Carter has done an excellent job at MRMLS.  He was also instrumental in the formation of CARETS.   His organization is everything the old calREDD was not: professional leadership, a proven MLS Vendor, plus they are now open to multiple MLS systems, and most of all a proven data sharing platform CARETS.  So we should be willing to give this new CALMLS a shot.

I stand by my earlier prediction that Art will have a tough time signing up any MLS providers beyond Southern California but as I hinted before that doesn’t mean CARETS can’t flourish.  And what’s really wrong with that anyway?  Why the need for one statewide MLS system?  Why not just one statewide database?  eNeighborhoods essentially pulled this off for a brief time a few years back with MLS Alliance.

So let C.A.R. revise history all they want (we all know the Emperor has no clothes).  Sure the CALMLS board will be stacked (what board isn’t?).  But a one database solution is really compelling, and maybe, just maybe C.A.R. will finally come to the same conclusion.

Besides the whole calREDD drama was getting kind of well…boring.  Looking forward to seeing what CALMLS can pull off.  Onward and forward.

  1. Thanks Greg – this is almost too hard to believe after what we’ve been through with defunct calredd. There are numerous Lake County brokers, realtors and appraisars who will be very happy to hear this news – in the last independent vote done in April 2010 only 35% wanted to stay with Calredd. Yes, it is getting very blah blah time to move onto to something a lot more professional and promising.

  2. Greg, HIS was ready to join CARETS 2 years ago. A very high percentage of buyers of Hawaii real estate come from California, and the BoD felt the extra exposure was a GREAT idea, and they loved the data standardization.

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