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Redfin agent could be a Russian spy!

by Greg Robertson on June 29th, 2010

Another sign that times are tough for real estate agents!

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman blogged about a Boston Redfin employee that was recently arrested on charges of being a Russian spy.  I really not making this shit up, you can read Glenn’s post here.

Accused Traitor, "Ann" Foley

Her name is Tracey Foley, but preferred to be called “Ann” (that should have been the first clue) She apparently passed a criminal background check from Redfin and even represented a customer on a listing. As of now her agent website is still up. The url is  “RED” carpet?  That’s too perfect, a Russian spy with using the term RED.  I bet her favorite drink is Vodka.

You gotta wonder if Redfin paid their agents full commissions would she even need to supplement her income by selling secrets to the Soviets?

I kid….I kid.   ;  )

  1. Ben Brown permalink

    People who use “shit” and other similar words in a sentence are vocabulary challenged. Work on your vocabulary so you can have more credibility.

  2. Greg Robertson permalink

    Fuck you Ben, go read another blog. : )

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