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eNeighborhoods releasing iPhone and iPad app.

Just caught this is my Google Reader today. Looks like eNeighborhoods is releasing an iPhone and iPad app dubbed “Neighborhood Envoy”. It’s available on the iTunes store today. I think it’s great to see eN rolling out new apps. Below are a few screen shots of the iPhone version.

I can’t really give a full review of the product (it requires a subscription to their eNeighborhoods NEXT product), so I’ll comment on what I can see here.

Somebody needs to tell eNeighborhoods to turn down the brightness of the colors they use. The color scheme looks like a circus tent.

The name of the app, “Neighborhood Envoy”. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. You would think they would leverage the whole Mexican/Spanish thing they have going on with “eNeighborhoods Mercado” and call the iPhone app something like “Neighborhood Amigo”.

But, in that case they wouldn’t be allowed to launch it in Arizona. ; )

  1. Hey, Greg…

    We considered calling it the “Woolley-Robertson Neighborhood Envoy” but thought you might take exception. As for the color scheme, try pairing it with a black iPhone or Droid handset…fierce, edgy and tres chic.

    Envoy is actually the new branding for all eNeighborhoods Neighborhood information resources….Reports, Mobile, and Web for agents / brokers and API for MLS and enterprise organizations. Stop by our booth at Inman Connect for a demo, and we’ll hook you up with a Neighborhood Envoy license plate frame in circus tent colors. Boom!

  2. “Woolley Robertson”, or for that matter Dwellicious doesn’t roll off the tongue any easier! : )

    “fierce, edgy and tres chic”? Hmmmmm. You might have been going for a “Cirque” vibe but to me you’re under the big top at “Ringling Bros”.

    Very curious about the app itself, I’ve always thought that combining location awareness and neighborhood info on a mobile device would be a winner.

    ESRI is coming out with something this month called BAO or IOS (talk about bad names!) which looks interesting but haven’t played with that yet either….


    But I don’t believe it includes recent home sales and also requires some level of subscription to turn on certain features.

    Anyway, good luck with with the launch and re-branding efforts.

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