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Must have web apps for real estate vendors!

I thought I would share with you my top web apps for real estate vendors.  I use all of these myself and are worth taking a look at yourself.

TripIt is a great app to keep track of your travel.  You simply forward your e-mail travel confirmation e-mails (air and hotel) to plan@tripit.com and it parses each e-mail and gives you an easy to read format to help you keep track of all your travel plans.  The app is free (they also have a “pro” version.  You can also choose to share your trips with others (or keep trips private) to see who else is coming to the next conference or trade show.  They also have a great iPhone app (as well as Blackberry).

Expensify is a great app to help you create expense reports.  Their tagline is “Expense Reports That Don’t Suck!”.  You can link your credit card to transfer expenses digitally or use the camera on your phone or e-mail to track receipts.  This is also a free app and has great iPhone and other mobile native apps too.

Tired of showing up to a training or office meeting and wondering if anyone will show?  Eventbrite is a great tool to set up quick landing pages for events and track attendees.  It will also send out reminder e-mail to attendees 48 hours before the event starts.  It has a great iPhone app that allows you to check in attendees at the event.  And since you can capture contact information at sign up there is no need to collect business cards, you will have all contact info on your attendees for follow up.  This is also free app.

So these are my top 3, it would be great to hear from anyone else who can add to the list.

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