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MRMLS to announce name change this week.

by Greg Robertson on August 24th, 2010

Word on the street is that Art Carter is going to announce a new name change for MRMLS this week.  Since the “merger” of calREDD and MRMLS speculation has been high if they would keep the MRMLS moniker or possibly switch to the calREDD branding.

My guess is that they will come up with something entirely new.  Anybody on the Interwebs have a guess on what the new name might be?

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  1. “SuperCalifornilisticMLSadocious”?

  2. BTW – that name is available on the .MLS top-level domain… 😉

  3. That’s hilarious, Brian

  4. Agree with Kristen… Nice one Brian!

  5. This one is weird in a California way. Typically the bride (Cal Redd) would take the name of her husband in a marriage to Mr. MLS.

    If Mr. MLS his changing his name to be supportive of the bride’s family, then his new name would be Mr. Cal Redd or simply Mr. Redd

  6. Rob Overman (VP New Technologies, LPSREG) permalink

    Victor, except Mr. Redd currently lives in Chicago.

  7. Greg Robertson permalink

    Cue rimshot for @Rob! Well played!

  8. Inquiring Mind permalink

    OMG!! I think I just sprayed my entire office with coffee! LMAO!!!!!

  9. RESage permalink

    …and the domain is registered to MRMLS as of April of this year.

  10. Inquiring Mind permalink

    This drum roll is getting pretty monotonous…

  11. RESage permalink

    My previous post didn’t get posted. The new name is California Regional Multiple Listing Service

  12. Inquiring Mind permalink

    REALLY?…really…REALLY? triple eye roll….

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