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CoreLogic promotes Chris Bennett to General Manager of CoreLogic MLS Solutions.

This is great news. Chris is well respected and this also gives him control of the Realist product line.  Nice to see Chris getting this type of responsibility and acknowledgment, by all accounts he is one of the good guys.  Plus he’s got a lot of talent on his team, Rich Paulson, and Chip McVoy are more than capable of making things happen.  It was interesting to read that Dennis Brzezicki has taken over Chris’ old role.  I didn’t know that Dennis had much experience on the MLS system side of things  Good for him too.

The only one I didn’t read about was Jonathan Green?  Seems consipicously absent of any mention in this release.

[UPDATE:10/27/10 at 2:20PM PT]  Kim McLean of Marketlinx Corelogic confirms Jon is focusing on their MLS data licensing program (InfoNet) and on the rollout of our next generation Realist system.

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Editor’s Note- I could not find this release on any of the CoreLogic’s sites.

Organizational Changes at CoreLogic MarketLinx

Since the successful launch of CoreLogic this past June, we have spent considerable time reorganizing our MLS product groups to improve our efficiency and better

serve our customers.  We began this process in July by combining our Realist and MarketLinx account management teams under the leadership of Chris Bennett, a change that has paved the way for further enhancements to our company operations.

We are pleased to announce that Chris Bennett has been named General Manager of CoreLogic MLS Solutions, which is comprised of our MLS system products and related services, as well as our Realist product line.  Many of you already know Chris Bennett well–he joined the team in 2002 and has been instrumental in fostering many client relationships and achieving CoreLogics #1 market share in the highly competitive MLS system business.

With a career in MLS sales and account management spanning more than 30 years, Dennis Brzezicki will use his tremendous experience to fill Chris shoes as Vice President of Sales for CoreLogic MLS Solutions.  Dennis joined the company in 2003 and became the National Director of Sales for Realist in 2008.

Rich Paulson and Chip McAvoy will also report to Chris in his new role.  Rich leads the MLS Product Management team, and Chip leads the development of our Document/Transaction Manager, MLS Data Co-op, and Partner InfoNet product lines.

We are confident these organizational changes will yield significant benefits for CoreLogic and its customers, and are very enthusiastic about everything we have planned for 2011.  Please join us in welcoming Chris and Dennis in their new roles!

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