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Fight! Fight! Fight!

Things are heating up out there in “listings land”!

RPR vs. CoreLogic
At the MLS Association Executive session in New Orleans RPR‘s Marty Frame took the gloves off a bit and took a couple hits at CoreLogic‘s purported use of MLS listings on public facing sites and their RealQuest Express product. I’ve talked with people who attended the session and it caused quite a stir. Enough in fact for CoreLogic’s CEO Ben Graboske to issue this response:

[UPDATE: The image of e-mail response sent by CoreLogic has been updated. This reflects the most recent version sent out -GR 5:37PM 11/11/10]

Both sides claim to be gaining traction and this will be fun to watch as the match progresses.

MOVE Vs. Zillow

Benn Rosales over at AgentGenius wrote a post titled “Zillow dupes Realtors, investors and consumers with flawed claims” on a market piece being handed out by Zillow at the NAR Expo claiming Zillow have”“The World’s Largest Real Estate Network on Web and Mobile”. After some heated comments from Zillow in the comments of the post Benn then did his own research to finally try and settle the matter. In a post Benn titled “Move, Inc. MSN Network is the largest real estate network” you can guess his finding. I was impressed by Benn’s tenacity on the subject.

Franchisors Vs. Independent Brokers Vs. Agents Vs. NAR?
NAR’s Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee has approved a new addition to the Internet Data Exchange (“IDX”) policy regarding the display of IDX listings on Franchisors website. Rob Hahn has his initial thoughts on the subject titled, “[7DS] Initial Questions and Thoughts: New NAR Franchise-IDX Rule” in which he ponders how this new ruling would effect indpendent brokers, compliance and other topics. Lani Rosales (Benn’s wife!) states that in this new ruling that “the individual agent has just been kicked in the teeth.” With compliance issues abound and a lot of questions still unanswered this will be another bout to keep an eye on.

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