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Sibling rivalry.

by Greg Robertson on January 6th, 2011 is kicking butt.
The head line read “Yahoo overtakes” but that was less interesting to me than the impressive performance of is owned by Dominion Enterprises (a former employer) and seems to always occupy a high ranking on the Hitwise market share reports. This month has ranked at #7, which is very impressive. seems to be the star that shines the brightest of Dominion Enterprises real estate assets, which includes Advanced Access, eNeighborhoods, and Number1Agent. Remember when it seemed like every agent had an Advanced Access website and everyone was using eNeighborhoods? I do.

The other interesting side story to this is that eNeighborhoods currently handles IDX aggregation for Realogy and RE/MAX. It used to be Realogy and RE/MAX just had to worry about Zillow and Trulia. Not any more.,,, and all ranked lower than on the latest Hitwise survey. None of them even breaking the top 10.

The Dominion Enterprises booth at the recent NAR Annual Convention in New Orleans was almost completely branded as I even saw my former eNeighborhoods cohorts wearing shirts! Just one big happy family.

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  1., eNeighborhoods… a rose by any other name. What really matters is the high-ranking / butt-kicking part you mentioned. I know what you mean about the shirts. They are very stylish compelling. Let us know if you want orange or blue and we’ll send one over for you.

  2. Greg Robertson permalink

    “stylish compelling”? I’ll let our readers be the judge.


  3. So, I’ll put you down for a blue one. I think you’re a “Winter,” right?

  4. Greg Robertson permalink


    thanks but no thanks Charles, I prefer my vintage eNeighborhoods shirt, which I wear with great pride.

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