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The Vendor Alley Private Newsletter

A few changes to the blog. First off I’m announcing the new Vendor Alley private newsletter program. This will replace the previous premium membership/champagne room program. All existing premium members will now be Vendor Alley private newsletters subscribers.

Why the changes?
Couple reasons. It was too hard for me to get breaking information out soon enough because not everyone had a Twitter account (where I would primarily alert members). Secondly I’m kind of excited about having another forum to feature profiles on people and companies in the industry plus any pre-release things I’m privy to.

How can I get access?
Newsletter subscribers will get early access to Vendor Alley posts (some content on the private newsletter may never be posted). The cost is only $2.00 per month. I wanted to do $24 a year but the Tiny Letter platform doesn’t yet support this. To sign up please visit visit http://tinyletter.com/VendorAlley. More details are above on the Private Newsletter page.

Why are you charging?
As the saying goes; gas, grass or ass, nobody rides free.

What other changes are you making?
I’m opening up the Vendor Alley Twitter account. Previously it was invite only. Basically it will function as a Twitter feed of Vendor Alley posts. To start following please visit @VendorAlley.

I’m very excited about this new forum and looking forward to sharing with more with you.


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