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Google selects

by Greg Robertson on February 10th, 2011

This is pretty cool. Google, fresh off their retreat from real estate, has invited for next week’s Mobile World Congress.’s app was one of only 4 selected for the Android booth.  I’ve haven’t played with their Android app but their iPhone app rocks.

I wonder who are the lucky reps that get to go to Barcelona, where the conference is being held.  At this same conference last year Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7.

Muy bueno!

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  1. Hey Greg, I know Chris from techsavvyagent is going to represent them in Barcelona. I’m not sure if Dave Story, Move’s CTO, will be there to show off his wares – he was pretty proud of the Android app as he demo’ed it for me back at NAR; some cool features indeed.

  2. Greg –’s Android App is pretty sweet. I reviewed it over on my blog a while back.

  3. Hi Mike, Greg — thanks for the shout out. Yes, Barcelona is a sweet city, and MWC is a huge conference. My last gig at Adobe before coming to Move was running the Flash Platform development tools, so it was great to see my old compadres announcing major Flash adoption.

    That said, I saw it from afar…I didn’t go and show off the apps, I stayed back at the home fort, stoking the fires of our next innovations.

    The Android app is pretty cool … in addition to the iPhone features, you can see that it has voice dictation of notes for properties, and StreetView integrated right into the listing. It really helped me get oriented when I was walking or driving to a property…seeing the street was VERY useful.

    Anyways, Barcelona was a big hit and we had folks 3-4 folks deep most of the show, so the app was really respected and it was good to be there (for Chris and Todd, not for me :))


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