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Put your listing “in play”.

These guys are worth checking out. And not just because they are sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley. : )

The name of the service is “N-Play” (http://n-play.com), as the title of this post suggests its a play on the phrase “in play”. In a nutshell the service has a simple way for an online buyer to make an offer (and view other offers) on any listing on a real estate website. The offer is non-binding, anonymous, and the buyer can choose their own agent.

I got a demo of the service from Daniel Fuchs. The process seems easy enough. The buyer answers a series a questions that fills out a grid. Although one thing I think they were a little weak on was choosing your own agent. You basically get a photo on an agent and a short plug they write about themselves. I’d like to see some sort of integration with a peep.ly (now http://socialbios.com/) type service.

You can check out their interactive demo here.

I’ve seen these types of buyer’s marketplace sites before, but N-play has really thought the process thru. I believe the owner has a patent on the process.

One of their key elements is their “Make/View Offers” link/button. These can be placed right on the home page or next to every listing. They have a excleent page where they have mocked-up popular listing portals to show how the implementation would look. Check this out at http://n-play.com/demos/.

So go explore. Their site is full of videos and interactive demos that will allow you to explore.


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