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Put your listing “in play”.

by Greg Robertson on February 18th, 2011

These guys are worth checking out. And not just because they are sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley. : )

The name of the service is “N-Play” (, as the title of this post suggests its a play on the phrase “in play”. In a nutshell the service has a simple way for an online buyer to make an offer (and view other offers) on any listing on a real estate website. The offer is non-binding, anonymous, and the buyer can choose their own agent.

I got a demo of the service from Daniel Fuchs. The process seems easy enough. The buyer answers a series a questions that fills out a grid. Although one thing I think they were a little weak on was choosing your own agent. You basically get a photo on an agent and a short plug they write about themselves. I’d like to see some sort of integration with a (now type service.

You can check out their interactive demo here.

I’ve seen these types of buyer’s marketplace sites before, but N-play has really thought the process thru. I believe the owner has a patent on the process.

One of their key elements is their “Make/View Offers” link/button. These can be placed right on the home page or next to every listing. They have a excleent page where they have mocked-up popular listing portals to show how the implementation would look. Check this out at

So go explore. Their site is full of videos and interactive demos that will allow you to explore.

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