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Is The Lones Group the worst vendor in the world?

Denise "Wonderful Human Being" Lones

I hate bullies.

The story hit Inman News last month.  Daniel Rothamel known as the “Real Estate Zebra” –was hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit by “The Lones Group“, a company that produces a “Zebra Report” and “Zebra Blog” to market its services to real estate agents.

After threatening him and his family, Daniel today took the high road and succumbed to the intense pressure this episode has put on him and his family and agreed to stop using the moniker Zebra and stripes any further.  Daniel posted a letter he drafted to The Lones Group attorney today outling his decision.

One of things that stuck me was that nobody from The Lones Group ever bothered to contact Daniel directly before filling a fucking FEDERAL LAWSUIT against him and his family.

Really Denise Lones?  You didn’t even bother to call the guy and try to work things out?  WTF?  Have you ever heard of Karma Denise?  Have you ever heard of the Golden Rule?

In your “Secrets Behind Success” Blog you have a section called “Ask Denise”.  I’ve got a question for you Denise.


  1. I’ve just started discovering the bad press behind this group. It’s really sickening. I’m working with a previous customer of the Lones groups and to see how they have brain washed their customers into what “good web design” is; it makes me sick. they are selling their customers nothing more than web fliers with links and have no concept what an attractive, eye catching, user friendly SEO friendly website is. No real customer tools or anything. It’s sick. The worst part is that now my customer demands that I make a site exactly like Lones Group would make. It’s disgusting, probably going to drop the customer out of moral principal.

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