Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

RE/MAX is whack!

This is dope yo….

  1. So, to me, this video shows more about what’s wrong with the RE business, as it pertains to branding, more than anything else.

    1) Never promote yourself by saying “we don’t suck as much as the other guy” (but we Rap better!)
    2) This reminds me of the “pump the crowd” videos shown at the annual conventions (as they bring out the trays of Kool Aid for consumption) than an effective story on the true value of a real estate professional in today’s upside down markets
    3) There is some innovation afoot at places like BH&G, Keller Williams, and Coldwell Banker for instance, but do consumers really care at the end of the day? Consumer Reports doesn’t think so, nor do some of the most astute industry observers like WAV Group, Real Trends and 1000 Watt (whose Blogs on this topic are really compelling).

    So it’s time to STOP pandering to the lowest common denominator and take a page out of Detroit’s marketing book, for example. The differentiation that Ford and GM are showing is very compelling to consumers and the sales # support it. I’m sure folks have see this ad (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKEAN3fM78s) now that’s great marketing!

  2. You can sort of imagine the thinking that went in to this… “It’ll be cool” “Edgy” “Self deprecating humor is what people want”…

    And you go out and produce it, and get some air time, and you call all your friends over and the first time it runs you’re all excited and when it’s done everyone smiles politely and says what a great job you did… And your kids never speak of it again…

    (witty enough?)

  3. @John I believe the video was used as exactly as you described, as a “pump the crowd” segment at their recent convention, and I understand it did exactly that.

  4. So, these guys are having a blast. I had a blast watching it. I get to the comments and it’s like sitting at a Whiner’s Anonymous meeting. Whaaaa….whaaaaa…whaaaa…what’s that sound???? I think it’s the Whaaaambulance and it’s coming to pick up the negative comment guys.

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