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Clareity releases white paper on Listing Syndication

I’ve been talking about Listing Syndication a lot, and so has everyone else. Adding to the conversation is Gregg Larson’s new white paper. I have to say this is the best one I’ve read on the subject. Right here Gregg nails it (emphasis added)…

“Also, the practice of allowing brokers to opt to send listings to “all” publishers in the network, including those added after the opt-in, means that listings are being sent to new publishers without brokers or agents being informed of the new sites’ quality, business model, traffic, and terms of use. As a result, MLSs and brokers are increasingly expressing concerns, not so much about the exposure that syndication enables, but the misuse of syndicated listings by some sites and the “fine print” in their terms of use.

In a nutshell; Follow the rules and you get screwed.

Also unlike other posts and reports I’ve read Gregg offers solutions. He takes Matt’s recent “Syndication Bill or Rights”, compares top listing portals to see how they rate. Homes.com came out first.

You can read it here:

Syndication to Real Estate Portals: Problems and Solutions

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