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Richard Eshleman appointed CEO of Hawaii Information Service

I have a copy of a full press release below but in keeping in the spirt of guest reporters for Vendor Alley, Amanda Larson conducted an interview of Richard which you can read here:

Interview of Richard Eshleman by Amanda Larson
May 4, 2011

How would you describe your leadership style?
I have a confident, low-key, collaborative, but determined leadership style. I attempt to lead by example in terms of behavior and actions. I feel it’s important for me to set challenging clear-cut goals and to communicate them in words and deeds to the staff. I’m not a micro-manager; I have confidence in my managers and I let them handle all of our projects once I’m sure that they understand the goals.

What are the differences you are experiencing transitioning from a COO to a CEO?
We are a relatively small company so I still perform some COO functions. The primary difference for me is that the buck stops with me now for all decisions. Once I truly understood what this meant I actually began to enjoy having that amount of authority and I work very hard not to let that power go to my head.

What was the most valuable experience, in work or life, that prepared you for this job?
Years ago as a hobby, I drove racing cars, SCCA Formula Fords. I was the owner / driver and totally responsible for everything involved in getting the car prepared, to the track on time, and actually racing it. My budget and time were limited so it taught me to set and accomplish goals with what resources I had available. I think that the actual competition has helped me as well.

How does doing business in Hawaii differ from other companies you have worked with on the mainland and internationally?
I’ve had very good relationships with the companies that I worked with on the mainland and it’s the same here. Perhaps the only difference is that, at least for our company, we try to keep the aloha spirit with our employees, customers, and suppliers.

When away from the office, what other activities do you fill your time with?
I surf, dive, and relax on the beach. I belong to a running club and I love to travel.


May 3, 2011

Richard Eshleman appointed
CEO of Hawaii Information Service

HONOLULU — After serving as interim CEO since February 2010, Richard Eshleman was formally appointed CEO of MLS Hawaii, Inc. (dba Hawaii Information Service, or HIS) by its Board of Directors. Eshleman, who was signed to a multi-year contract, previously served for seven years as Controller and Chief Operating Officer of the company.

“It has been a distinct honor to help lead this company through some of the more challenging times in our industry, challenges that have inspired our team to refocus and redouble its efforts to serve our members and the local real estate community as a whole,” Eshleman said. “I look forward to continuing our company’s long history of service excellence and innovation.”

“With his expertise in international business, technology, and real estate, Eshleman would be a solid choice to lead any company,” said Gary L. Davis, HIS board chairman and a 31-year REALTOR on the Big Island. “For Hawaii Information Service, the best candidate was already on the job and his leadership style is a perfect fit for our organization.”

HIS offers a wide array of products and services designed to serve the

— more —

statewide real estate industry and affiliated businesses. Its flagship software application is REsearch, a custom built technological solution that was the first parcel-based MLS system in the nation. Seamlessly incorporating public records data, the breadth of its data set allows unmatched versatility in searching and analyzing information.

HIS is jointly owned by the Kauai Board of Realtors and the Hawaii Island Board of Realtors. With roots stretching back to 1984, the company now has 24 fulltime (and four part-time) employees, 22 of them based in Honolulu.

Before joining HIS, Eshleman worked at two firms in San Diego that saw significant growth during his tenure. He was Chief Financial Officer of San Diego-based Daycom Systems, a telecommunications equipment company, that saw sales grow from $5 to $30 million, and served as Director of Finance and Administration for Scentibodies Lab, a international medical diagnostics manufacturer, that grew from 50 to over 300 employees.

Eshleman received his MBA from Hawaii Pacific University, and holds an accounting degree from San Diego State University.

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Faith Geronimo, General Manager
(808) 748-8762
faith at hawaiiinformation dot com

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