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Google IO Underway! Pictures

Arrived in San Francisco and went to a great pre-party, it was even better than the Adobe party I heard.  There was a line around the block, open bar, and pulled pork and shrimp Tacos from San Francisco’s famed Le Truc.

Day 1 at IO was awesome.  The keynote was much shorter than last year and ran on schedule.  They announced Movie Rentals, Google Music Beta, Android @ Home, Ice Cream Sandwich with some neat features for Android tablets coming in Q4 (ho-hum) and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ for all attendees.  I have my Tab and love it, but it is a little buggy, they have a help desk set up for support issues at the conference and many people had the time zone bug which requires a hard reset of the device (and to start over from scratch customizing it).  Still, its an awesome giveaway.

Went to some awesome sessions and Android Office Hours, and had lots of great food during the day, then partied at the Infinite Playground at night.

Below are some pictures:

IO Session

Chet Haase and Romain Guy (“Gee”) talking about Android Honeycomb development techniques.  Find their blogs at graphics-geek.blogspot.com and curious-creature.org and regular guest postings at android-developers.blogspot.com


Biggest Labyrinth game ever!

5 million dollar prototype car from GM called the EN-V.



It drives great!


Jane’s Addiction, Dave


More Jane’s Addiction, Dave and Perry

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