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Saul and Walt’s Excellent Adventure

by Greg Robertson on May 19th, 2011

I got a chance to catch up with Saul Klein and Walt Baczkowski in Washington D.C. last week at the CMLS Listing Syndication Workshop. As you may know Point2 was acquired by Yardi late last year. It was an entertaining chat as Saul and Walt told me about a trip that took them from Saskatoon to Transylvania. Yes, that Transylvania.

Yardi being a global company has a shop in Rumania with about 50 programmers. Yardi’s CEO/Owner thought that Saul and Walt could help with some organizational issues and asked them to join him on a trip.

The plane flight brought them through Germany. Ever wonder what they call a Big Mac in Germany? Well now you know…

The programming shop was in a city pretty close to the forest where Vlad, in which the character Dracula was based, killed a bunch of people by impaling them. Talk about adventures in real estate!!

Both Saul and Walt had a bunch of great stories about their trip from which I can surmise:

1. Rumanian programmers are very talented.
2. Rumanian women are very attractive.
3. You need to be very careful of gypsies.

BTW I’m not making this shit up.

For two guys who have been in the industry awhile its just another crazy adventure, and from the sound of it they are enjoying the new challenges!

Walt and Saul

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  1. Greg –

    Apparently you don’t know your McDonald’s menu!

    The photo you show is not a Big Mac, but an “Angus Delux.” A Big Mac has 3 buns, sesame seeds on top, and no visible signs of tomatoes.



  2. Point2Agent? Abandon ship!! Man, want to talk about a company that went 180 degrees quick!? How very sad…

  3. @Vicki, definitely not a Big Mac but I’ve been walking around for about 15 years thinking that’s what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France. Heard that from no less an authority than Jules Winnfield…

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