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Move’s CTO, Dave Story, previews new Android app on Scobleizer

Check out this latest video from Robert Scoble on Scobleizer interviewing Move’s CTO Dave Story about their iPad and new Android app. The video is great for a number of reasons; First off the video really does show off Move’s outstanding mobile apps. Secondly Scoble confesses to having been through the process of buying a home at least 3 times and as Dave is giving a demo of Move’s iPad app he peppers him with questions. His questions/comments are great and anyone creating software for real estate should really take a listen. Dave does a great job of answering his questions, and due to the depth of their iPad app is able to answer most of Scoble’s questions in the affirmative.

Here’s a few take aways:

Scoble mentioned that his REALTOR recommend 40 properties to look at. (40 seems way high to me, what about you?)

Scoble called Open Houses, a kind of “Realtor dating”. Love this!

He also mentioned his own house was underwater and “hasn’t taken a look at Zillow in awhile”

I also thought the way Dave danced around the question of “Is Zillow a competitor?” was well handled.

At one point Scoble asked the question if one day he would be able to “upload photos he took of his home”. Dave coyly said that is a great
idea, but couldn’t comment. Hmmmm user generated content on Realtor.com? Love this!

Two things about the Android app. Speech recognition is interesting, even though I think its crazy that we will all speaking to computers a la “Star Trek“. The Google Street View feature is great and exclusive their upcoming Android app, in the words of Scoble you can check to see if your future neighbor mows his lawn.

Congrats to Dave for doing such an excellent demo and interview. Great to see more companies/people in real estate technology getting this kind of exposure.

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