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Hearing the news today that Steve Jobs was resigning as CEO from Apple felt like someone punched me in the stomach. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have always been heroes of mine.

Unlike that of Gates, Jobs resignation is just so tragic. I likened it to as if Bob Dylan had announced he could no longer play the guitar or sing. Gates got to choose another path but Jobs poignant “Unfortunately, that day has come” tells you he had no choice.

I know that loving what I do for a living makes me a lucky man. Not many people have that opportunity. And for me the process of creating and being around other creative people is absolutely the best part of my job. Sure there are disagreements and sometimes a lot of yelling and screaming. But the journey of creating is really the reward. It would be impossible to give that up.

When we started W&R Studios Dan and I decided to start fresh. After 15 years of using Windows computers we switched to MacBook Pros. We never looked back.

I think we did it for the the same reason Steve Jobs plays his favorite Dylan album.


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