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Trulia shouts “Me Too!” and adds estimates to its listings

The program is in beta and limited to the San Francisco Bay Area. According to the blog post the functionality was ” built by an in-house team of experts”. At least they didn’t copy Zillow entirely and call them something zany like “Truestimates” or “Testimates”?

Trulia notes this features was requested by their users. But it’s hard to believe that any of those users included Listing Agents or that they, or anyone else shouted “Give Us Your Team Of Experts Best Guess At The Price Of This Home!!”. To combat this they’ve done something interesting by adding a “Tell Us How Badly We Screwed Up On The Price Of This Home.” “Tell Us What You Think About This Estimate.” comment form.

This gives users a way of commenting on the estimate. Not sure if any of these comments will be of any use. Once they include Active Listings you know the seller and seller’s agents are going to say its bullshit if the estimates is too low, and you know any buyer interested in will say the estimate is too high. On the bright side maybe it will have agents creating more CMAs. So let the games begin!

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