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Homes Media Solutions hires Jack Jominy!

This is great news! Nice to see Dominion Enterprises making investment in talent. Jack is one of the good guys and its fantastic to see him back in the mix. He couldn’t have joined a better team with Michael Hayes and Rick Sherwood. The press release speaks for itself, Jack has been in this business longer than any of us, and his father practically invented the modern day MLS system.

Congrats to Jack and HMS!

Full Press Release Below:

Homes Media Solutions Hires Heavy Hitter Jack Jominy

Homes Media Solutions, a leading provider of marketing and data solutions for real estate professionals and a division of Dominion Enterprises, announced today that Jack Jominy, a well-known industry player, has been hired as a Senior Account Executive. He entered the industry in 1976 as an employee of Realtron Corporation. Realtron, founded by his father, Jack Sr., who served as president, introduced online computerized MLS and real estate information in the state of Michigan. During Jack’s long tenure at Realtron, he was responsible for regional sales and product development for all services. He was the Florida Sales Manager in 1995 when Realtron was sold to News Holding Corp along with PRC Realty Systems to create Interealty. His career has also included work in various sales and sales management positions for Interealty (now called First American Core Logic), Homes.com (prior to being part Dominion Enterprises) and REALTOR.com. At First American Core Logic, he specialized in selling the Realist System tax products and later became national sales manager for tax at Fidelity National MLS Systems. More recently, he was a Regional Sales Manager for Previsite, a Multi Social Media Solution, with a completely automated social media offering for Real Estate Brokers and MLS organizations.
“Jack has more years of experience than some executives in our industry have been alive. Jack worked under many company names, some changes without leaving the company and he held different titles; but he did pretty much the same thing; Jack built strong business relationships with MLSs, and this is what he will be doing for Homes Media Solutions,” says Michael Hayes, Executive Director of Enterprise Services for Homes Media Solutions. “We are fired up to have him on our team.”

  1. Sounds like a desperate attempt to generate some sales! I feel bad for the old lad…He better make sure he faxes in the old time card if he wants to get a paycheck!

  2. Realtron…… there’s a name from the past. I played on their softball team in the mid 70’s. Nice people….. good luck Jack

  3. Will the real Rick at Homes.com please stand up 😉

    Looking forward to working with Jack, this will be my 16th year in the industry and my first time working with Mr. Jominy. The Homes Connect launch has gone fantastic and we are looking forward to growing our coverage very quickly with Jack’s assistance.

  4. Homes Connect program is a bust. They guaranteed me 15 leads for a zip code over 3 months and I got 3. We are going to court to try to get our money back. Buyer beware.

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