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File this under Satire…

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  1. That is hilarious. Way to go Greg. Love the way the video lends itself over and over to so many things that are screwed up in this industry.
    Best part- “Freakin’ bloggers!”

  2. Greg, time and time again your prove to be a world class satirist to most of us and “PITA” to others.

  3. I will file this under “S” and not for “Satire.” This is absolutely disgusting! So many NAR members, including our Board of Directors, have had the courage and vision to bring RPR to our members and make the investment in our future. Our CEO of RPR is Jewish and one of the finest men in the real estate industry. What an insult to his dedication and caring for REALTORS. This is so mean-spirited and offensive.

  4. I couldn’t agree with Diana more. All the vision, planning, time and energy put into this project to provide such a valuable tool to those REALTORS out there working. I’m never opposed to humor, but I think this stretches the truth quite a bit, especialy with regards to RPR’s CEO. Visions take hard work to bring to reality…thank you to all that have made that happen.

  5. I would have been willing to give you a pass if not for the reference to Nazism. Comparing business people, even those whom you revile, to one of the most horrific and murderous regimes in our lifetimes (and maybe our parents.grandparents) is not only wrong, it shows a certain lack of journalistic skills.

    It is fine to build a full-frontal attack against those whom you feel need to be parodied. It is anything but OK to use such a brutal and hurtful comparison. It paints you to be nothing more than a junior high school journalist.I am sure that you can do better than this.

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  7. What is sad is that so many of those who comment negatively on this and other posts receive business from REALTORS, REALTOR Associations and REALTOR-owned MLS’s.

  8. This is unprofessional and in such poor taste that it should be pulled immediately. I won’t even watch it. The uniforms themselves, are symbolic of genocide at its worst. What are you thinking. An insult to all REALTORS® across the world!!

  9. I too agree that this video is unprofessional and in very poor taste…an insult to all REALTORS…and a cheap shot at the truly inspired and valuable service that RPR is beginning to offer to REALTORS on behalf of their clients and customers. Frankly, to relate any such program to this horrific period in human history is misguided and a travesty. I enjoy good satire and humor, but this is just sick.

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  11. How about if they use it and the thing actually works! Every listed property I have checked is off on the AVM but at least 100%. One 10000%. Why would I ever use this? Why roll it out if not ready? You are causing more harm than good and it should be taken down.
    To call this junk science would be kind.

  12. If RPR is a Realtor benefit, when is it going to be available to ALL dues paying Realtors, it’s been 2 years now? Why does my MLS have to participate in order for me to get RPR data, I already have MLS data? I thought RPR was about public records, valuations and psycographic data across the country, not MLS listings that I already have. I don’t understand why NAR/RPR will not allow dues paying Realtors access to RPR just because my MLS does not provide MLS listings to RPR. If over 500,000 Realtors have access right now, why can’t I get an account?

  13. First off, this is a very popular meme and not a reference to nazis. On this thing called the interwebs, this same clip has been reused to reference a shitstorm. So RPR fit that bill well. This is genius. Trolololol

  14. As the grandson of a survivor, I, like all my fellow Hebro’s, will never forget the atrocities inflicted against our race and the millions of others who suffered alongside them. But pain’s partner is humor – the shoulders Jewish people have a long history of resting upon to make it through.

    The Greg Robertson I know is one helluva funny guy. Thoughtful, decent and smart as a whip as well. He’s following here in the footsteps of Bernard Fein, Mel Brooks and many other inspired comic writers who used the Nazi backdrop as mockery rather than flattery.

    Despite the numbers etched in my grandfather’s arm, I laughed at the jokes, marveled at the zingers and still honored the pain I felt for the truths behind the comedy.

    Our attention should be focused on the real problems facing our industry, and celebrate the courage of people like Greg willing to speak of them with honesty, even in the language of satire.

    Marc Davison

  15. Thank you Marc Davison for perspective and thoughtfulness in your response to those offended by Greg’s use of the clip to bring attention to RPR “at the moment”.
    It is a funny piece and it may even be too close to home for the “NAR-cissists” and NAR-zi’s who want it taken down.
    Keep ’em coming skinny!

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