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Zillow acquires Diverse Solutions

by Greg Robertson on November 2nd, 2011

Holy Zhit! Looks like Zillow had that IPO money burning a hole in their pocket! I hinted about this deal last month via Twitter but decided not to publish since I didn’t have a second confirmation.

$7.8 million in cash and stock, nice.

Big congrats to Justin! Big question, how will MLS providers react to this deal?

UPDATED: Wurzer has some good perceptive on this deal: FBS Blog

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  1. Bill Rovillo permalink

    Correction- they reported 5.54 mill in cash, the rest in stock to the ceo. not a bad deal. and positions them nicely for the NAR’s new IDX/advertisng rule.
    those guys are Zmarter than some think……

  2. Any idea of Diverse Solution’s revenue?

  3. Bill Rovillo permalink

    6000 customers they report, maybe each averaging $60/month is my guess. u do the math, its getting late in St Pete Fl.

  4. Bill Rovillo permalink

    stop calculating…guess the sales price almost 1,5 times gross?

  5. Greg Robertson permalink

    Not unheard of. Plus got confirmation of the Tarasoft sales price:

    “At September 30, 2011, CoreLogic had cash of $138.7 million. During the third quarter, the Company acquired Tarasoft Corporation, a leading provider of Multiple Listing Service systems software to the real estate industry for $30.3 million and also retired a pension-related note of approximately $17.0 million.”

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