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by Greg Robertson on November 6th, 2011

Chairman and CEO of Landmark Media, Frank Batten Jr., owner of Dominion Enterprises and newspaper publications, recently stated that he still plans on selling the company’s business units. Dominion Enterprises is the parent company of

According to an article in the Richmond-Times Dispatch:

” ‘Our commitment to our shareholders is that at some point we will sell our businesses, as it makes sense,’ said Frank Batten Jr., son of the late Frank Batten Sr. and the chairman and CEO of the former Landmark Communications Inc., now Landmark Media Enterprises LLC.

Batten spoke about the history of the family business and his own entrepreneurship as part of the Robins School’s Executive Speaker series.”

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  1. Rick permalink

    Too Bad they are stuck with “dead weight” brands like advanced access and eN. Did the whole name change to “Home Media solutions” really help? I think it is more “spin” than substance!


  2. Anon Rick, if you would like to come up to our suite I could explain a few things to you.

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