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“Hey Siri, make me a CMA”

So freaking cool…

Source: Lightning | Twice – The official blog of W&R Studios

  1. @JohnHolley and @StuSiegel Thanks! When Dan got the idea I told him that before he tried it I wanted to set up my iPhone to record it.

  2. Late to see this- but that’s outrageous man. So awesome.
    There’s about a 10 second spot in the video where u wonder “is it not working for him? is is it not downloading?” Then- bam- it’s “No , I’m just swiping through a 42 page magnormous multi colored, graph filled data laden report!”
    Nice job. Feels great don’t it?

  3. @GregRobertson Theoretically shouldn’t this work using any voice automation software that allows users to send email (Vlingo, Iris, Speaktoit Assistant, etc). If so, this would work on any Android, Blackberry or WP7 phone also. Awesome!

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