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Making a Move (Inc.)

If I had to pick the biggest story in U.S. real estate this year (aside from the ongoing housing crisis) I would have to say Zillow’s IPO. But looking back I’ve been really impressed at what an incredible year Move, Inc. has put together. Yes, that’s right I said Move.

When you take a look everything Move announced in 2011 you have to say that these guys have been hard at work. Not convinced? Take a look at some of the bigger stories.

January 13. Move, Inc. powers AOL. One of the untold stories about this deal is it was actually a “take away” from LPS. So they not only signed AOL, but took the business away from a competitor. – Well played.

February 11. Realtor.com Android App was showcased a the 2011 Mobile World Conference. In the world of mobile this is a huge deal.

April 21. Move, Inc. signs listing syndication deal with Zillow. Crazy? Like a fox.

April 26. Realtor.com launches iPad App. By far the best real estate app on the iPad.

July 18. Move acquires Social Bios. I’m looking forward to see the implementation points Realtor.com does with this technology.

August 17. AOL Real Estate Launches New Search Experience Powered by Move, Inc. The fruits of their agreement begin to bear fruit.

November 1. Release first real estate CRM app to be powered by HTML5. Super cool update to their Top Producer application.

November 3. Realtor.com goes global. Oh yeah, they launched an international site, just for kicks.

November 21. Reverse Stock Split takes effect. I think this is more a mental thing than anything else.

Plus their Find app has been launched in several MLS markets around the country.

And that’s not including another biggie: “Connections” which allows Realtors to generate leads from listings within a specifc zip code (even if those listings are not their own). While I think Realtor.com lost the “high ground” with this service I do think by displaying all photos within that sponsored zip code is a clever way of placating most agents.

And then they launched a Facebook app dubbed “Social Connections“, with Ernie Graham (founder of recently acquired Social Bios).

Whew, no wonder Audie is so damn busy!

Just half of those initiatives would be a huge undertaking. There are some potential game changers on this list. But, as a wise man once said, “ideas are just multipliers of execution”. 2012 needs to be Move’s year of executing the vision (generating revenue) of what the 2011 bumper crop products and services.

So, what do I take away from this? If Zillow, Truila or anyone else wants to play in this sandbox Berkowitz, Samuelson, Beardsley and the the rest of the Move team is ready for a fight.

  1. You’re impressed that a company that has a legal contract to rip off every Realtor(r) in America has some how faced absolutely zero adversity and produced a few deals and tools in the process? The only thing that could make this more amazing would be if they were somehow given some TARP funding.

  2. @Daniel Bates I’ve never really understood the “Realtor.com haters” club. I mean back during the aftermath of the Wolff and Tafeen days you guys had a reason to bitch, but now It’s just… boring.

    The hatred seems to stem from the belief that due to the fact that you are a member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) that every service on Realtor.com should be provided to you free of charge, like some sort of birth right, foodstamps, or via a Socialist manifesto.

    Can Move do better? Sure they can. But the “Realtor.com haters” club has to move on, or least be more clever in their attacks.

  3. Buried in the middle of the list is the “mental thing” of a reverse stock split.

    A reverse split is hardly ever good although there have been a few that have gone on to new highs after such a move.

    I’m guessing it was done to keep institutional buyers and mutual funds interested in the stock since most won’t look at anything under $5. Nierenberg dumped 7M shares after the reverse split announcement (but still has 21M).

    With all the good things you listed it’s troubling to see MOVE’s financials. Looking at 2011 through Q3 they have a lot of cost cutting still to do and that can mean the talent that created your list could be looking for new challenges….but “Don’t worry, I hear Zillow is hiring”.


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