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Rob Overman leaving LPS to join ShowingTime

Rob Overman

Looks like Rob Overman is leaving LPS and heading to ShowingTime.  Rumors of this has been out there for a couple weeks.  I did happen to speak with Rob today and confirm the news about his new gig.  He has been working with the ShowingTime team for many years while at LPS, and always thought of them as talented guys.   In his current gig Rob is working remotely from home for LPS. Rob lives in a suburb of Chicago, where ShowingTime is located, and is now looking forward to working in an office with others.

ShowingTime sounds like a good match for him.  Rob was quick to point out that he enjoyed his time at LPS but was looking for a new challenge.  Good to see him stay in the industry.  Congrats!


  1. Roverman and the ShowingTime folks are top notch, wonderful they find a way to move mountains together. Congrats RoeBear!

  2. Congrats to both Rob & my dear friends @ Showing time on great decisions.
    Rob just cuz he is one of the really good guys AND Showingtime cuz Michael, Tom & the rest of crew have always been straight shooting channel partners. Great Combination!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations Rob and ShowingTime. Rob is a class act technology leader. He will do big things with Scott and Mike and the team at ShowingTime. And congrats to ShowingTime customers.

  4. Congrats Rob, and thank you so much for the awesome contributions to FNIS/FNRES/LPS. In addition to your direct contributions, which are huge, you also have been an exceptional ambassador for the company. Your vision and enthusiasm will be missed. I know our partners at ShowingTime, and their customers, will benefit from your joining their team.

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