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The Vendor Alley Holiday Wish List

Not sure what to get your favorite Vendor for the holidays? Not sure what YOU want under the Christmas tree? Have no fear we’ve got you covered!

1. Bose-mobile communications kit -$30.00

Many of you have a Bose Noise canceling headsets for plane travel. They also make a great headset for conference calls from your mobile phone or on your computer with this great adapter.

2. Red Oxx -Air Boss $225.00

“The only carry-on bag you’ll ever need”. I love this bag, because I hate to check in.

3. MacBook Air 13″ $1,599.00

These are standard issued equipment at W&R Studios. My guys love them.

4. PlugBug! -$34.95

I love twelvesouth, I already own their BookBook for iPad and get tons of compliments. But they just released this and it’s pretty near the top of my Christmas List.

5. Jack Spade “Mill” Leather Dopp Kit -$155.00

I love the style of this dopp kit. My choice in color would be Tobacco (as shown).

6. Tweetbot for iPhone. $2.99

The new Twitter app for iPhone sucks. I just switched to this and love it.

7. Moleskine Classic Extra Large Soft Cover Ruled Notebook (7.5″ x 10″) -$19.95

I like Moleskine notebooks but not a big fan of the smaller hard cover versions that are so popular. I need a lot more space to write (and draw) and prefer a soft cover that fits better in my notebook case/backpack.

8. Field Notes $9.95 – Original

But if you are looking for a small notebook I recommend these. I’ve always have one available in my back left pocket for just like the ad says “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.”

9. “Get Excited and Make Things” Print (30″ X 24″) by Matt Jones $1,000 (They are out of smaller sizes)

We all need a little motivation sometimes and there’s nothing better than this to hang on your wallin your office/cube/ or in the home office. Inspired by the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters of WWII it reminds us the creating things are supposed to be fun.

10. Mophie juice pack plus – $99.95

For my day to day use of my iPhone 4S I don’t have any problem with battery life. But it seems when I’m traveling I need a little piece of mind and that’s why I have one of these in my bag (black, of course).

11. Origami Workstation -$29.95

There are a lot of iPad case out there that have built in keyboards. Plus I my normal set up at home with my MocBook is a wireless keyboard and mouse. I just like using a mouse rather than a trackpad if i have the choice. So this Origami Workstation really caught my eye. I get a good protector case for my wireless keyboard and it also serves as a stand and keyboard for my iPad. Brilliant!

You can also see this list on my Delicious Stack.

Happy Holidays!

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