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There’s a New MLS Vendor In Town.

Annie Ives, CEO TheMLS/CLAW
17 years ago, TheMLS/CLAW was just an empty office space and had less than 1,700 members. These members sold some of the most coveted real estate in California: Beverly Hills/Los Angeles. Two local brokers were heading an effort, called CLS, to start their own MLS company and had hired all The MLS/CLAW staff.

Then Annie Ives walked in to the building.

The rest, as they say, is history. CLS failed, and TheMLS/CLAW grew back to over 12,000 members. Since then TheMLS/CLAW has built their own MLS system dubbed, THEMLSPRO®, and taken an almost fanatical approach to customer service. Annie is fond of saying “We’ve been successful because we know that we are running a software company and a service organization, and that both are of equal importance,”

Annie isn’t afraid of a challenge either. When the Palm Springs Association of REALTORS (900+ members) decided to look for a new MLS provider Annie knew she could provide the level of customer service that the members of Palm Springs association would demand. Some would think the obvious choice would be CRMLS, the ever growing (70,000 members) MLS provider born from the failed California state-wide MLS effort calREDD. Some might think that, but they would be wrong.

In the end, the Palm Springs Association signed the agreement with TheMLS/CLAW. Which makes two things very clear.

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight in Beverly Hills and the MLS game in California is far from over.

  1. We are building recognition, catching on, and soon will bring more MLS’s to our side, thanks to Annie!

  2. Congrats to Annie! I was around during the “old days” when the MLS was called “Boris”. I am proud to say that I participated in the evolution of THEMLS today. With Annie at the Helm, our ship is unsinkable!

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