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Who will be ARMLS’ next CEO?

The big news I can report is that ARMLS has formed a search committee to help choose their next CEO. This position has been opened since former ARMLS CEO, Bob Bemis, left to join Zillow.

Being one of the largest MLS providers in the country has certainly piqued the attention of many in the MLS industry on what ARMLS plans to do to fill this post.

The joke running around is that the next CEO would have to be named Bob, since the last 3 CEO positions have been occupied by people named Bob. Does this mean that Bob Hale is a candidate? Probably not. But Hale has a deep bench so maybe someone like Rene Galvan might be interested. You also have to consider others out there, what about Bud Fogel? I hear Bud spends a lot of time in Arizona, maybe he could make the move permanent? Or maybe someone looking for a warmer climate, say current CMLS president and CEO of Intermountain MLS, Greg Manship. Winters in Scottsdale sure sound better than winters in Boise!

But methinks that its going to be hard to beat Matt Consalvo, ARMLS’ current Interim CEO. The Phoenix market is heating up, and having gone thru a couple rough patches with their membership I think that they will be looking for stability. Matt is certainly up for the task and with the rest of ARMLS’ stellar staff they are certainly well equipped to rise to the challenge.

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