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iMapp and Discover MLS partner to take on Corelogic in Miami

It was only a matter of time. With CoreLogic existing MLXchange MLS system only being able to work on Internet Explorer and their new Fusion MLS system not able to work on mobile devices like the iPad it looks like Miami agents have had enough.

This move seems to be unprecedented. The Miami Association of REALTORS is now paying for two different MLS solutions. This isn’t a vendor just setting up a free MLS system in hoping to gain traction, their getting paid.

I’m told that the Discover iMapp solution will be different than any of their other installations.

This is setting up to be The Showdown In The Sunshine State!. The real question is will the iMapp/Discover MLS solution gain enough traction and be able to push CoreLogic out and become Miami’s single solution? What about Greater Fort Lauderdale REALTORS? RMLS? They all must have similar issues.

One thing is for sure, mobile matters.

Full Press Release Below:

MIAMI Association of REALTORS® Selects Discover/iMapp
as Alternative MLS Application

TAMPA, FL — May 7, 2012 — iMapp® and Discover MLS today announced that the MIAMI Association of REALTORS®, the largest REALTOR® Association of the National Association of REALTORS®, have signed an agreement to launch Discover iMapp, the new initiative merging MLS and tax data into a unified, property-centric application.
“Our members demand the best tools available and Discover iMapp gives them a powerful, easy way to access the MLS on any computer, including Mac and iPad, on any browser and the ability to effectively use their mobile devices and stay in contact with their clients.” said Teresa King Kinney, CEO of the MIAMI Association of REALTORS®. “We are excited to be the first association in the country making this powerful benefit available to our members. They deserve the best and it’s our job to make sure they always get it.”

Keeping Agents at the Forefront
Existing MLS software providers have been slow to embrace mobile technology while consumer access to listing data has skyrocketed. By putting agents first, Discover iMapp emphasizes the MIAMI REALTORS’® role as the leading source for real estate information and marketing tools for agents, brokers and their clients.

“Our REALTOR® subscribers are used to having iMapp running on their iPads and all other mobile devices.” said Bill Rovillo, CEO of iMapp. “Now they can share MLS and any public record data with consumers from a single, mobile solution using trusted, MIAMI Association of REALTORS® data.”

Strong Demand From Associations

“The MIAMI Association of REALTORS® saw our presentation for the first time just three weeks ago.” said Bret Wiener, CEO of DiscoverMLS. “They instantly recognized the value to their members and approved the product for launch.”
Discover iMapp includes a real-time client portal with a live-chat feature that allows agents to interact with their clients, react to feedback on properties and instantly modify results to include the dynamic changes that often occur in the challenging search process. Discover iMapp is optimized for mobile and runs on all major web browsers, freeing users from PCs and allowing agents to use their preferred devices.

Roll-out Scheduled for Summer, 2012

The MIAMI Association of REALTORS® anticipates having the Discover iMapp System running with their existing MLS data in Summer 2012. An implementation team and work group will guide the launch and work with iMapp and Discover MLS to insure a smooth transition for all MIAMI REALTORS®.

  1. Greg, when we integrate Cloud CMA into Discover-iMapp, along with the Miami MLS data and iMapp public record data, you’ll have to buy a ton of “We Love Cloud CMA” buttons. We went through dozens in just minutes at a trade show a few years ago.

    Jus’ sayin’

  2. You beat me to it blogmaster! Agents across the nation are pissed about the lack of iPad/MAC support. Teresa nailed it.

    The sad part is that the solution is that Miami is not requiring CoreLogic to open their system so the app will allow agents to add or edit listings. That will continue to frustrate the agents.

    Moreover, the agent management portal in MLXchange will not talk to Discover (Again, I think that is either Miami’s choice or CoreLogic’s). So Agents will need to set customers up on both platforms – which is bogus.

    I think that having a tax system onboard the app will be excellent for REALTORS – just wondering why Miami did not ask Discover to include their existing vendor, REALIST.

    From the outside, it looks like this may be the first step to a vendor change for MLS and Tax if the agents fall in love.

    Through no fault of Discover and iMapp – the integration between the systems being offered seems to fall short of meeting the tight integration that the agents would expect. Hopefully Teresa will encourage the kids to play along with one another so the agents do not end up with a solution full of gaps. I am pretty sure that Discover had Add/Edit on CARETS data thought the ipad – perhaps they could confirm.

  3. Victor, one small caveat on your comment of ” So Agents will need to set customers up on both platforms – which is bogus.” I agree that WOULD be bogus. However, a member may choose to utilize one or the other to communicate with clients. They don’t HAVE to set up customers on both platforms. They can simply use their platform of choice. REALTORS love options!

  4. I am with you Bill, but that will require a strong initiative, beginning with the effort to get agents to move their customers.

    I thought that I heard that another MLS required CoreLogic to provide a CSV file out of MLXchange to import into Discover. Do you know if they are doing that here?

  5. “Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have—and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.”
    James Belasco / Ralph Stayer

  6. Victor, Realist isn’t Miami’s existing vendor, per se. They only became an additional vendor of Miami with the merger of the Dade county Association last year. iMapp has been Miami’s primary vendor since 1999.
    Just FYI.

  7. Victor said: “I thought that I heard that another MLS required CoreLogic to provide a CSV file out of MLXchange to import into Discover. Do you know if they are doing that here?”

    CoreLogic has never supplied Discover with data for clients and/or saved searches. I have never inquired about it personally/directly, but our customers (previously using MLXchange) have and were told it wasn’t possible, so I’m assuming it won’t be possible in Miami either.

    To make it really viable, though, the data would need to be made accessible via RETS (etc), so that it could be queried incrementally and kept current…or at least within, say, 15 minutes of current.

    In fact, in all of my years doing MLS conversions, I’ve only seen client data converted in bulk once…because the vendor being replaced will never supply it. In the installs I’ve done in the past few years, we’ve instructed users on how to export their clients from the old system before cutover (to be imported once the new system was up & running). Not exactly user friendly, but better than nothing.

    Ideally, it would need to be a two-way sync, as well, which would require CoreLogic to invest in accepting data from Discover…and you can imagine the likely resistance Miami will get if they ask. Discover-iMapp is willing & motivated to do this sort of cool stuff, but I doubt CoreLogic feels the same 🙂

  8. If the Contacts data is available from CoreLogic via RETS then Discovery can import it into their product with minimal agent interaction. After adding any info that might not have transferred and recreating saved searches, from that point they could utilize Discovery as their main tool for client management. An agent will spend the time to do this if in fact they do find the Discovery product more appealing. Why would CoreLogic assist a competitor (import data input on the Discovery system) by helping them move in on their “territory”? It sounds like they should be spending their time stepping up their own game instead of integrating Discovery data into their product. If agents are complaing to the MLS about the change, I’m not sure they would be heard over the clanging of Discovery’s salesman’s brass ball, which he surely must have for landing that sale!

  9. Discover is only being offered to Miami members at a $70 charge to the member. Additionally, Miami’s data is part of a shared database and the other MLS/associations data will not be available. POE is still MLXchange. Good luck with than one.

  10. I’ll confirm that @IDX is incorrect on some issues. There is no charge to the Miami members. It’s up to the other associations to allow their data to be made available to Miami’s +/- 23,000 agents. Curious to hear where @IDX came up with the $70 FUD.

    In a world where clients insist on having their listing on every website in existence, I think it could be challenging to be a listing agent that tells a client your listing will be on Zillow/Trulia/etc. but it may not show up to Miami agents that could bring a buyer. Miami agents working those areas could have a field day shutting out non-participating association’s agents.

    MLXchange is still the data entry site with an IE6/7/8 requirement.

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