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Road warrior…

by Greg Robertson on May 24th, 2012

Rex Marr just attended his 44th NAR Midyear Conference & Expo. Shouldn’t NAR give him a medal or something? Or maybe a new liver?

Best wishes Rex, we are all thinking about you.

  1. Russ Bergeron permalink

    WOW! He’s been going to NAR since before I was born!

    You da man, Rex.

  2. Thank you Rex for all you have done. You are a true friend to all of us. Even if we haven’t done business with you directly… are always a good friend.


  3. Rex is a joy and a pleasure to know and work with! We are so fortunate to have him as a member of the Rapattoni Corporate family!

  4. John Whitney permalink

    If it wasn’t for Rex, I would be washing dishes at Red Lobster.

  5. Jack Jominy permalink

    I don’t how many people know this but Rex won the award at a CMLS Conference for being the oldest guy in the Industry. He is truly award winning. I can proudly say that Rex is one of my best friends in the Industry and just a great guy. When I first met Rex who was our National Sales Manager at Realtron I was in Junior High School.

    Thanks Greg for recognizing Rex!

  6. Bud Fogel permalink

    Rexy; holds the dubious distinction of being the Veteran of industry veterans !!! Even before Russ- wow !

  7. This is a news flash: for the first time in history, my real father has been revealed thru DNA testing done at the Mayo Clinic. Rex is my father!

    Unbelievable, as I had always believed that my real dad was some dumb construction worker at Tahoe in 1960. Turns out, he was a slick travelling sales guy from Michigan and Florida! Crazy the way life turns out.

    Congrats Dad!

  8. Rex is the ultimate ambassador to the industry and all around genuine good guy. “Fine as wine Sexy Rexy!”

  9. Michael Hayes permalink

    I was going to write something nice about Rex but how can one beat Chris Carrillo’s comment?

  10. When I first entered the business, people would point to Rex as a role model and say “That’s the way it’s done”. A classy guy who also has stamina.

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