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MOVE, Inc acquires TigerLead for 22 million in cash.

Move, Inc. Acquires TigerLead Solutions LLC

“Used by thousands of agents nationwide, the TigerLead platform provides real estate professionals a powerful solution for capturing, cultivating, and managing buyer and seller leads. For brokers and teams, the platform also provides an enterprise-class lead management system that gives 24/7 visibility into the entire team’s lead follow-up performance. This unique platform provides a potent closed-cycle system that combines strong Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expertise with a sophisticated IDX platform and lead management system to help agents generate “Smarter Leads,” leads that are delivered with unique insights such as how many times a user has returned to the site to search, price ranges and the amount of times homes are viewed.”

I’ve read mostly positive reviews about TigerLead in agent forums, but don’t know much about their business. 22 million is a great payday for to co-fouders Howard Tager, Art Sawyer, and Adam Ingersol

Errol Samuelson explains a bit more about TigerLeads at Move Trends…

Move Acquires TigerLead

“Additionally, the TigerLead platform delivers deep insights into the consumer’s “DNA” – insights like how many times a user has returned to the site to search, price ranges and amount of times homes are viewed. This key information and analytical data can help real estate professionals take that next step in enhancing relationships and connections via a deep understanding of consumer wants and needs.”

This seems to me to be a response to Zillow’s $10 websites. They are changing the conversation/value proposition by adding a system/platform to REALTORS that give insights to consumer behavior, not just a cheap website. It’s not just traffic, but traffic plus business intelligence.

My question is, how this will integrate with MOVE’s Top Producer CRM system.

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