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Vendor Alley adds 1000watt Index

I’ve always wanted to put together a comprehensive list of all the software solutions available for real estate. Well thanks to 1000watt Consulting‘s new Index, I don’t have to! There are so many things I love about this site, its comprehensive, its design, and the simplicity, it’s just great. One quibble I’ve had in the past was there was no way for me to advertise or highlight my apps on the site. Well a few weeks ago 1000watt added the ability to do just that.

I’ll let you go to the site and find out the details for yourself, but needless to says it’s an easy, low cost way to get your app noticed. And I’ll be helping out that exposure by adding a new Page to Vendor Alley, called Real Estate Apps, that will link to the 1000watt Index directly.

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