Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Greater Ft. Lauderdale Assn. and Miami Association of REALTORS settle.

As reported here the Greater Ft. Lauderdale and Assoication of REALTORS (RAGFL) sued the Miami Association of REALTORS (MAR) for…

“Through its false and deceptive advertising and other contact MAR has brazenly sought to drive and has driven members away from RAGFL and diverted new members from joining RAGFL thereby causing damages to RAGFL,” says the complaint, which alleges violations of the Lanham Act.”

In a short letter issued today it appears the shit storm has passed. As both parties have agreed to a “confidential Settlement Agreement”. I’m hoping to see Rick and Teresa hug it out in Orlando at The Peabody Hotel as the ducks walk by.

  1. It appears that this settlement is far from settled. Apparently Miami continues to claim to provide Supra in the member’s dues in violation of NAR policy which is keeping the Miami Ft Lauderdale dispute ongoing. Where’s the NAR police? Hell, pre-lawsuit Miami claimed it was free which probably prompted the lawsuit. New information being now released has Ft Lauderdale in litigation with Supra in Oregon. Former Supra super sales rep JB is also claiming to be in litigation with Supra over his termination. Supra claiming JB released via email confidential terms of the Ft Lauderdale Supra contract to Miami’s TK. Someone or lots of someone are going to the wood sheed if this all plays itself out.

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