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Nudge 2.0

The post goes out to all my MLS peeps-

Earlier this year my company partnered with the guys from 1000watt Consulting and launched a new web app we called Nudge. It’s a simple little app that helps real estate professionals answer the age old question, “How’s The Market?” As part of Nudge we came up with a number of cool “indicators”. These indicators were animated graphics that were a visual way of displaying market conditions. Here’s a sample of and indicator showing whether its a buyers or a sellers market.

Agents set the indicators, and send these as a short “Nudges” via email, Twitter, or post them on their Facebook page or blog. The secret to these is they all include the magic ingredients to any successful digital marketing campaign.

1. A bold Headline.
2. A compelling Image.
3. A few short lines of text.
4. A strong call to action.

With Nudge 2.0 we went a step further and also added the ability to upload their own images or link to photo from their Instagram account. So far the response of Nudge 2.0 has been fantastic. Our first webinar for Nudge, hosted by Chris Smith, sold out 100 slots in less than 30 minutes. The ability to add their own images has really been the killer feature we were looking for. Here’s a few samples.

Name That Barista!

Are Home Prices Static?

Open House

So enough of the shameless plug. Here’s where you come in. We would like to get the word out to agents about Nudge and need your help. So we set up a program, a quick way to make some of that “non-dues revenue” goodness. Here’s how it works:

1. We set you up with special link/promo code.
2. You send at least 2 dedicated emails to your membership promoting Nudge before the end of the year. (We’ll even write the email for you)
3. We pay you $10.00 for each Nudge account that goes to billing (Nudge comes with a 30-day money back guarantee)
4. You’ll be able to track your progress via a special Nudge Revenue Dashboard. (Maybe we’ll post a “leader board” on Vendor Alley)

The offer to your membership will be discounted from the normal yearly price of $149. We will also provide support and host a weekly webinar every Wednesday to help agents get started. Nudge doesn’t require any MLS integration so it will be simple to get started.

Maybe you’ll earn enough money to help fund your Holiday Party. Or take the staff out to a nice lunch. Or buy your favorite Vendor a steak dinner or take them to the ballet.

If you’re interested just email me. If you want to play around with Nudge 2.0 just email me and I’ll set you up with a free Nudge promo account.

But wait there’s more….

I’ve already been approached by some MLS Providers who would like to use Nudge as a tool for communicating with their own members. Here’s what I mean;

Maybe you want to tell them about the trade show you are hosting.

Or maybe about that Lockbox buyback program

Nudge is simple and fun way to send out short messages that your members will read. If you are interested in a Nudge licensing plan for your MLS just, you guessed it, email me.

For more information on Nudge you can visit www.GetNudgeApp.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


P.S. Here’s a short video I put together about Nudge 2.0

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