Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

RPR promoting robo-emails from its site.

Here’s what REALTORS get when they log on to RPR when they don’t have a cooporating MLS provider. Note the provoking “Are you seeing RED? headline and copy.


Then they are given this email template to fill out.


Stay classy RPR, stay classy.

  1. “Since it is paid for by by my existing NAR annual dues, I don’t have to pay any additional fees or charges to use it.”

    $70 million of dues, so far.

    How about this letter:


    I recently spent some time on Vendor Alley. What I found there was unbelievable.

    Upon logging in, I found that you didn’t support this massive gift of NAR dues to RPR and LPS executives, yet $70 of my dues went to to this folly?

    I strongly encourage you to demand an explanation of this misappropriation of funds and do your best to get my $70 back.


  2. Never have I heard so much discontent and uninterest with this current fiasco. How is it this continues? Every time I hear about how this at a national or local meeting, it seems there is more lack of interest than what is being communicated through the spin drs. Claiming it is free is a bit misleading as how can an entity like NAR which is so active in the RESO arena make these ridiculous clams that is does not have any costs affiliated with it. How egocentric of them. BUT since the transmission of data is NOT free and does have costs affiliated with it for my mls, (which guess what folks, that represents me too as a dues paying MLS member AND NAR member…) we resent being treated like mindless drones that don’t have the ability to see through this sham. Oh yeah, and my MLS has continually offered us more and more services without increasing our fees that are reasonable to begin with. I wish could see the true accounting of how much of my NAR Dues dollars have been put into this debaucle.

    Perhaps, if we see real usage statistics and understand whether or not just REALTORS are getting access, which I have heard but cannot validate. (For example, licensed real estate agent belonging to an MLS but not a REALTOR.) How much longer do we have to be kept in the dark about what is REALLY happeinging here?

    Regardless, this is no less than what was expected based on the entire history of RPR.

    Sadly Disappointed in FL.

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