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Google Ventures launches HomeLight

HomeLight aims to change the real estate business with Google funding.

Jolie O’Dell at Via VentureBeat:

Google Ventures’ latest portfolio company to launch is HomeLight, a startup that’s all about buying and selling real estate.
More specifically, it helps you find the real estate agent — the best one for your price point and neighborhood and experience level — and agents only pay for the service if they end up with a new client out of the process.

“Finding the Right Agent” sites have been around forever, but I like the simple way HomeLight walks you through defining your needs. Showing the history of each agents number of transactions is also very helpful.

It isn’t clear how they are making money. When I came to this agents profile it has a button to “Contact Jody”. So I’m guessing some sort of lead selling is happening now, or in the future.

Worth checking out.

  1. I searched for an agent in Bend, Oregon. No matches found. But, I did get a message that says that: “We have data on 2,000,000 agents in 32 major metros and thousands of smaller cities”

    I think NAR needs to collect dues from all of these folks.

  2. I ran a search on Milwaukee and came up with agent information. Two questions:
    1. How did they get Agent/Broker Contact information?
    2. How did they/do they receive transaction history along with years experience to match a consumer with Agent?

  3. REO agents rank higher because of volume. Not sure that an REO agent is the best choice for Bob and Betty seller. Ever step through their marketing?

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