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A (full) day in the life of Gregg Larson

From Inman News: “Behind the scenes at Real Estate Connect”-
How ideas spread and deals get done at legendary real estate conference.

“11 p.m. After hanging in the lobby for a few minutes, Larson says good night to Geddes, who goes off to her room. Larson heads up to the hotel bar to see who’s there and meets some Connect people. I leave him as he orders a nightcap.

Early the next morning. I learn that Larson’s day had not ended at the hotel bar. I find an email message Larson sent at 2:33 a.m., with the subject line, “What a fine day,” recapping the events of the night before.

“It was a long day for an old dude like me,” Larson signs off.”

2:33am? Nice par Gregg. : )

  1. Thanks Greg. As your wisdom says, never go big on the first day, but since that was my last day in NY I had to hit it hard. Plus its damn hard to go to bed early there with all those cool places and shiny lights. HA!

  2. @Gregg A good friend of mine (Dave Rifkin of FBS) also has a great mantra, “nothing takes the edge off a trade show like a good hangover.” : )

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