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CRMLS MLS System Conversion – A lesson in social media

Keep-calm-and-carry-onWhat happens when the largest MLS in the country shuts down one MLS system and moves everyone to another? Chaos!

We all know the acronym, “RDR”, or Realtors Don’t Read. This is what faced CRMLS as it began moving it’s members off the Tempo MLS system on to its preferred MLS System, Matrix.

But so far I have to say I’m been super impressed with how CRMLS is leveraging social media (Facebook and Twitter) to reach out to its members and solve problems as they come up. If you haven’t already, go to Facebook and like the CRMLS Facebook Page. Sure some agents are upset and will complain but just look at how quickly CRMLS staff is repsonding to inquires and also isolating problems. They are on it like Blue Bonnet!

We all know the horror stories of what happens when agents start their own social media campaigns against the MLS, but it seems that CRMLS has learned those lessons and has a bit to teach the rest of us. Well done guys!

  1. Gregg,

    Well said, it’s nice to see when active marketing takes effect within the subscriber’s base to assist with a transition. Kudos to the staff of CRMLS.

    Those of us who have been through these exercises in the past know a transition is really not complete for quite some time even after the cutover.

    But, here’s to Art and his staff for do truly doing ALL they can do and doing it well.

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