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MongoFax where are you?

mongonet_w_shadow_80I heard a rumor floating around that MongoFax might be shutting its doors. Can anyone confirm?

UPDATE: It’s confirmed.

  1. Yes, CRMLS posted announcement that as of tomorrow, they will no longer be providing service. It stated they were seeking funding unsuccessfully and opted to sunset the service. Hearing 3rd hand so CRMLS staff may know more.

  2. I spoke to Matt Henry yesterday and any subscriber that used the service today got a message back from him telling them they were closing end of business today. Too bad, something my customers loved!

  3. I too spoke with Matt Henry yesterday and it is confirmed. They let go all of their employees in October of last year and he moved all operations to his personal home while trying to raise funding to keep the company afloat. They had till midnight last night to raise 3 Million dollars and didn’t think it was going to happen. This morning, due to a lack of funding, they have disconnected all services. The patent still exists if anyone with funding is interested in restarting the business.


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