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RPR Help Desk Rep who posted false comment gets fired?

YoureFired-2 This has been a bizarre week. In my post yesterday I pointed out that comment left on a post entitled “WTF RPR?” by industry vet Brian Boero was found out to be fake. It turned out “Katie” actually works for RPR’s help desk, and her real name is Pam.

Today Inman News confirmed the story.

“In a statement to Inman News, Mike DelGaudio, RPR’s head of support, said: “I want to go on record and say that this action was in no way condoned or authorized by anyone at RPR. The poor judgment of this help desk representative has been addressed.”

Well if addressed means, they fired her. Then they sure addressed her, alright. Because according to a comment left by Pam she states.

“At the time of my reply on the blog, I thought what I was doing was right, standing up for a company I believe in. But I went about it the wrong way and made an embarrassing mistake that while I acted alone, made the company look bad. I apologize for my error in judgment. It was the right thing for the company to let me go and I support their decision. I just hope that my personal mistake doesn’t prevent the company from being heard and get it’s chance to really make a difference for Realtors everywhere.”

They fired her? Her? A loyal employee (too loyal?). Not a write up? A reprimand? I think we’ve come full circle: What. The. Fuck. RPR?

Talk about injustice. I hope its not true. In any case if anyone has a lead to find Pam a job please post something in the comments.

  1. That’s really appalling.

    When the decision to be sneaky and post fake comments comes from the top, it makes a organization look bad.

    If it comes from a help desk employee who is just trying to help out the organization, that’s kind of awesome. That’s going the extra mile to help out. It’s 100% the right attitude.

    We’d be happy to talk with Pam at Estately.

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