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Pat Bybee killed in auto accident.

Pat Bybee
Pat Bybee

So damn sad.

Driver who hit Pat’s car could be facing criminal charges (lets hope so).


  1. Pat eagerly shared her knowledge with me when I entered the industry and we remained friends. She will be missed by many.

  2. Pat was in many ways a mentor to me. I was always impressed how she was able to earn respect and credibility in a predominately male dominated industry (especially in her early days as CEO), without losing her femininity and grace. She was an early supporter for many industry shaking initiatives that are now considered “every day” (Public Records Access, Virtual Tours in MLS, RETS, and IDX). She was not afraid to take calculated risks, and was usually on the right side of history in this area. She was strong, smart, and fair.

  3. Sometimes you do not realize what a bright light someone shone until it is gone. I know I’m not alone when I say that I had come to rely upon her support, her wisdom, her kind words and her encouraging smile. Today it seems this world got a little dimmer, a little harder to navigate.

  4. Crystal Rasmusseb

    Shocking news. Pat was a great mentor to me when I started work at Metrolist in 1986. She encouraged me to finish my BA, hiked a 14 er’ with me, was my “date to see Paul McCartney in concert and many more wonderful adventures. I thought she was indestructible. So very sad.

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